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Subject Swallen legs (다리부종(하지부종) and chiropractic
Date of Write 2016-02-11
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-no stretching on your legs
-not enough moving nor exercises
-poor postures
-too tight jeans, no circulations
-wear high heals leading to less circulations on calf, more fatty tissues on thigh areas
-eat too salty foods leading to swallen legs
-incorrect walking (piggion toes, toes pointing outside, pivoting big toes instead rolling, shaking knees, knee cap is pointing outside)
-incorrect sitting (spreading legs in stead of knee cap pointing straight)
-incorrect standing (put more weight on one side more than the other side)
-folding legs (unbalanced hip joints)
-sit too long on a chair without taking a break
-misaligned ankle
-misaligned knee
-misaligned hip
-chiropractic adjustments, squat, knee extension, leg press, calf raises, acupuncture, kinesio taping
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