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Subject what does wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) do in our body
Date of Write 2018-10-30
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-behave like insulin, disrupting normal endocrine function by pumping sugar into fat cells
-blocks sugar from getting into muscle cells, creating still more body fat, and starving muscles of nourishment
-interferes with the digestion of protein
-promote inflammation by releasing free radicals, which can thin the mucosal lining of the gut.
-cross-reacts with other proteins, creating antibiotics that induce autoimmune responses.
-crosses the blood-brain barrier, taking with it other sunstances to wich it has bonded, and causing neurological problems.
-kill cells
-interferes with the replication of DNA
-causes atherosclerosis
-enables entry of inluenza and other disease-causing viruses into the body from the gut by boding to the saliac acid in the mucosal lining
-contributes to the development of nephritis, or kidney inflammation
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