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Date of Write 2019-07-03
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-when people do say I do have low back pain, there are things to consider, is it from local, or from the knees, the postures, the diets, the previous injuries, the stress, the sleeping habits (tummy sleep, back sleep, side sleep or mixed everything), the working environments, the sex life, the mattress conditions (hard, soft, old of the mattress), the walking habits
-sinus can be related to the way of sleeping, the pillow heights, the air of the sleeping room, the air quality of the space he is in, the diets, the dampness of the room, the allergies, the postures, the genes, etc
-the shouler porblesm, it can be from the sleeping habits, the stress, the postures, the pattern of the exercises, the habits of the exercises, the diets, the sleeping habits, the structures of the body....
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