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Subject getting cold...face management
Date of Write 2019-11-14
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-all the time bundle up
-deviated septum people- wear mask, moisturizer, dry cloth when you sleep, sleep extra , get less stress not to catch cold, clean your nasal all the time, extra liquid (soup, water, 죽)
-temporal mendibular joint-dress warm, take warm soup, meditation, warm massage on the joint, take extra sleep, do not stress out that way less stress on the joint (winter time, joint will get tighter than summer), take less hard food to chow
-snoring people-take dry food, less alcohol, exercise, do not sit too long with poor posture, humdifier, do not stress out, do not be outside( cold weather) too long
-extra moisture for the skin
-do face exercise (do ah,i, wu, ae,o sound)
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