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Subject neck calcification
Date of Write 2021-10-01
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-sitting with poor posture too long
-poor sleeping
-physiological swallen and tightening stages on neck and upper back
-calcified materials in the blood too much
-too long exposure to the cold   
-turtle neck
-unstable shoulder blade
-too many nodules
-thin trunk
-active life, push up, flank, heating, shiatsu, massage, kinesio taping, ems, shock wave, bench press, running, chiropractic and acupuncture
-vit B&K
-green leaf (spinach, cabbage)
-deep tissue massage
-카야니-노니(파극천), 선셋, 선라이즈
-1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar in a liter of water with a tablespoon of honey
-ginger, 등푸른생선,감초, 오가피, 발효콩, 아욱
-갈근, 홍화씨, 계지
-curry with red wine, red meat, cow ribs
-to me, it is heredity.
-drink the calcified water which can cause the calcification on the neck and the whole body....
-vit c
-물 2리터에 감초100그램 검은콩 100그램 넣고 20분 끌이고 10분 중간불에 끓임.  하루에 200ml 복용.  혈관이 맑아짐
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