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Date of Write 2011-12-26
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to live, we have to eat even you do diet.  To me, I do not recommend to skip meals for diet.  Do not even calculate calories.  Your body knows the amount of foods you have to consume.  Never skip breakfast.  For the breakfast, I do recommend a small rice with kelp (Kim) for the consumption of glucose, mineral consumption and salt.  If somebody likes juice, carrot, apple, ginger and tea can be an ideal components to be.
And for lunch and dinner, I do recommend a traditional dishes.  No matter what origins are, if possible, be away from flour and pasta, which makes your body swallen during the consumptions. When we say I got stomach flu, it sounds like my stomach was so cold that my body had to get rest to recover from coldness.
Nowadays, since everybody has a refugirator, it is easy for us to drink cold water even in the winter.  This greatness has given us lots of side effects, in which our ancistors did not have to deal with.  Many people do have more wearing and tearing (degenerative joints disease) joints problems nowdays.  In addition, we sit longer than our ancistors did.
We need to take more hot stuffes.  It does not mean that we have to take spicy food.  Just the fruits, vegetables and meats, which has hot energy componets.
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