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Subject sprinkling your skin
Date of Write 2011-12-28
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in oriental medicine, we think tha our lower trunk is similar to roots of vegetables and upper turnk to leaves, floors or branches.  To sprinkle your skin, we recommend to boost your kidney.  The best warm vegetable is carrot.  Among the fruit is apple.  To balance of our salt balance, adding natural salt is recommended.
The recipe for the juice:
400 g carrot + 300 g apple + salt
(just wash the carrot and apple, and juice it and drink)
There is another thing to do.  Drinking regular tea (red tea) with ginger and black sugar or honey helps the circulation.  The ginger helps the circulation of blood; facilitates the expiring of extra liquid of the body; warms the stomach and boosts the human energy.  The black sugar has a plenty of mineral.
Drink the red tea with ginger and black sugar 3-6 cups.
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