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Subject my ankles
Writer lac
Date of Write 2014-08-23
I came to James for pain in both of my feet and ankles.  I was experiencing foot drop and lack of feeling in my outer calves, as well as big toe joint pain.  We have been working to break down scar tissue from past injuries and to strengthen the muscles that I lost because of poor rehabilitation in the past.  James has encouraged me to build these lacking muscles without causing further damage or strengthen to other areas.  He has helped me to develop exercises which I can work at home or in his offices in order to hasten healing.  He is informative and always explains the steps we will be taking each day and why they are necessary.  Since coming here, I have noticed a significant decrease in joint pain, and the foot drop symptoms are almost completely gone.  James is a knowledgeable and dedicated person and I am confident that I will reach full rehabilitation with his help.