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Subject plantar fascitis
Writer mike
Date of Write 2014-11-29
Over the past several weeks I have been receiving treatment for plantar fascitis at Itaewon Wellness. When I came in and started treament I was in constant pain through my arches. Most of the time it was a constant daily moderate pain that was only when I stood or walked. Sometimes the pain was intense enough to the point I couldn't stand up, even bringing me to my knees from standing at times. Since coming and receiving treatment the intense pain has discipated. I am now able to have a few days relief before some moderate pain starts to arise. I am gradually seeing more and more relief days with each treatment. Until coming here I had long been told that this condition did not have any type of treatment. I am thankful that the treatment I am receiving is working and I am gradually getting better. It is a process, but one that is working for me.