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Subject my chronic low back pain got better
Writer beth
Date of Write 2014-06-24
I was nearly in tears with my lower back pain.  I was living with it everyday and just putting up with it.  luckily for me I was referred to Dr Lee who, after an initial assessment of my back, quickly pinpointed what was wrong and when said to me... "you must get a sore back after standing a long time", I knew I was at the right place.  After his sessions my back now feels so much more stable and stronger.  I dont have the constant nagging pain every day.  I can go to sleep pain free, which is wonderful.  I like how Dr Lee explains to me what is happening and how things are progressing.  My chronic back pain is from many years of torture, so while it won't happen overnight, I am thrilled at where I am now.  In just 4-6 weeks I am feeling so much more confidant about my back and am feeling happier that I can continue to make more progress.  Thank you Dr Lee!!