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Subject bowed legs
Writer MJ
Date of Write 2015-04-22
I came to see Dr Lee with extremely bad back pain and very limited movement, I have been receiving his treatement for nearly 2 months and my progress has been amazing and I see real results.
James explained to me that I had scoliosis in my back due to my bad posture, sleeping position and method of walking. Even though I am tall and slim, my muscles in my legs, pelvis and back were weak, so James recommended exercises including weights and proper walking, coupled with him re-aligning my spine and already my body and condition has changed dramatically.
Not only has all of my back pain disappeared, my legs are stronger, my posture is more correct, and I feel so much better physically as well as mentally. Not only does James give sound medical advice, he more importantly listens to his patient's and he is very understanding. I never knew that I could get such quick results from seeing a Chiropractor. I'm very impressed and I would recommend anyone with any pain in their body to go and visit James.