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Subject My neck pain
Writer Matthew
Date of Write 2016-03-08
I've had trouble with my upper back as several vertebrae were dislocated while trying to surf and I also had a few neck muscle spasms that James helped to treat over the past several years.  During Christmas in 2015 I severely tweaked my neck, which was self caused form poor habits of cracking my own neck.  I suffered from intense acute neck pain that Dr. Lee thankfully treated within a few sessions.  We have since worked on chronic neck issues of bad forward head postures that places strain on my upper spine and muscles. We did customized physical therapy exercises after adjustments to strengthen neck muscles for the long-term, which have been effective to help maintain the right posture. I'm much more attentive to my posture and feel much better as I continue to recover from the condition. I recommed James enthusiastically to friends and acquaintances whenever they have back or neck problems.