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Subject my posture and Dr. Lee
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Date of Write 2017-05-12
My name is Abdullah and am 21 years old. This is my review on a 2 weeks long treatment I had with Dr. Lee at Itaewon Wellness Clinic.
I decided to go to Dr.Lee to treat my very stiff neck, shoulders, and back. On my first day, Dr. Lee and I sat down and talked about my issue. I liked how Dr. Lee took his time to let me fully explain my problem and how he helped me understand what the cause of my problem may be. He also asked for my permission to take a picture of my posture to show me how my posture is. I'm glad that Dr. Lee made sure that I know what he and I will be working on before we started our treatment.
Given that I was only staying in Seoul for 2 weeks, he arranged a schedule for me to visit him about 6 times, and he offered a very reasonable price and discount for the deal.
The most important thing to me was for Dr. Lee to communicate what he is doing during a session, and that is exactly what he did. He would explain to me what and why he is doing. That made me feel safe and aware of what results I'm looking for.
My posture has been imporving after each and every session, My back and shoulders are feeling a lot better, and I no longer have a stiff neck. One thing I found helpful is that Dr. Lee made sure to practice my correct posture before I leave each session.
I found Dr. Lee very polite, friendly, and respectful. He was also understandable with my sudden changes of appointment times. And his communication skills were what you would look for in all doctors.
Over all, my experience with Dr. Lee has been very satisfying. I got the results I was looking for. I will keep practicing the posture he found healthy for me. I thank Dr. Lee for his honesty and hard work, and would recommend giving him a visit.