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Subject my low back
Writer g
Date of Write 2018-10-09
I arrived in Seoul and within 48 hours following my arrival, I had severe back pain radiating down both of my legs.  I was miserable, unable to sleep and considering  aborting my trip to Seoul and attempting to make a 15 hour flight home.  James graduated from the most esteemed U.S. Chiropractic school called Palmer.  He is trained formally in both western Chiropractic and Eastern medicine.  My first visit with him provided significant relief enough to consider stying in Seoul.  I required four days of therapy.  In this time, my pain has vanished.  I have resumed flexibility and exercising and James has a mapped a wellness path for me when I return to the states next week.  I literally cannot thank James Lee enough.  I have cared for by chiropractors since my teenage years of sports and periodic injuries.  I have seen many and he is clearly in the top 1%. After nearly 25 years of experience and exclusive skills and training, I would recommend him to anyone requiring acute or wellness maintenance.  he is literally at the top of his gain. I wish I had him back home!