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Subject my shoulder
Writer k
Date of Write 2021-06-15
I came to Itaewon wellness center with a painful stiff shoulder.  Older female here, had family histroy of osteoarthritis.  Dr. Lee looked at me and started counting of the problems.  Never heard half of the conditions he was mentioning i only knew i was hurting here and here and here and here. My spine was bending this way and that and I experienced lots of tingling, pain and weakness of my right arm.
At the begining I received 3 treatments a week then it bacame 2. We are about to finish the second month of his protocol and I am happy to report that I am all fixed up. My neck and spine feels comfortable, middleand lower back loosend up sufficently, arm pain free and my shoulder has an almost 360 degrees range of mobility. I could even start exercising wiht it.  i am impressed.  truly, truly impressed.  I never thought it would be possible to correct this many things by doing a bit of pressing and pulling and smart joints manipulations but Dr.Lee did it for me:)