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Subject Best Chiropractor I've Ever Seen
Writer Maria Martin
Date of Write 2013-02-06
I have been a patient of chiropractics for 23 years now, and James (itaewon wellness center, seoul, korea) is the best chiropractor I have ever seen.
Back in the States, it seems that you are in and out of each adjustment in under 5 minutes. Jmaes is completely different. Each adjustment starts on a "roller bed" that is heated. And the adjustments are excellent. He's very thorough and really takes his time and always has suggestions on how to better your overall  health. His adjustments hold really well and he focuses on the spine and muscles. The office is clean and a very welcoming environment. Both James and his receptionist are kind and professional.
Itaewon Wellness is one of the things I will miss the most when I leave Korea!