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Subject my back
Writer Jeanie
Date of Write 2016-08-23
Before coming to Korea, I visited a chiroporactor weekly for wellness and subluxation, and was very disappointed to hear that I wouldn't be covered through Korean insurance. After a lot of consideration and my back starting to get worse, I decide to look for a Chiropractor on my own. Finding James has been a lifesaver. I sleep better, and have less pain. He not only adjusts my back and neck but also has worked on my ankles, helped me walked better and also has help me with some digestive issues. I would highly recommend anyone coming to visit with him. He is knowledgeable, professional, funny and friendly. Also his English is amazing. I have been seeing James for about 2 years on a weekly basis. I am sad to be leaving him as I'm going back to the States, he even wrote up a little recommendation letters on my services here to take with me to my next Chiropractor.
Highly recommended.
Jeanie Owen