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Subject My chronic pains
Writer clm34
Date of Write 2016-03-13
James is the best! I've been having pain in my knee for a few weeks and went to some clinics in the small town I live in. Each doctor told me I need to stop exercising, so I did but the pain continued. When I went back, they told me I had to lose weight and that was the issue. I asked them how could I lose weight if I had knee pain when performing strenuous activity and they had no advice for me. When I finally went to James's center he was super helpful! His English is amazing (he lived in the US for 16 years or so), he gave me a free consultation and diagnosed my issue immediately (my leg is misaligned)! He clearly explained the treatment plan and I left there feeling so hopeful for the first time in weeks! I've only had 5 sessions with him so I cannot speak to final results as of yet but I trust him (I travel 3.5 hours ONE WAY) from my town bi-weekly to see him). I haven't been exercising lately but my knee hasn't been hurting at the end of long days like before so that's progress to me. I really like James, he has a fun personality which makes the whole experience that much better. If you have any issues, go to James!!